Yappem Headshots – On-location

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Yappem Headshots – On-location

YappemFinding some time to get to catch up on the blogging again, but the timing works out well because Yappem just launched at SXSW 2013 and that’s just who I worked with recently for some head shots. Ever wanted a friend to try a new restaurant so bad that would are willing to buy them a lunch? Yappem will let you do just that!

Yappem™ is an entrepreneurial start-up located in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Yappem’s mission is to create a niche brand centric online community of socially active users where they can interact, share, provide support and be rewarded for voicing their brand experiences. For more information on Yappem, visit www.yappem.com or contact Anne Nemschoff at annenemschoff [at] yappem.com.

At Yappem it is our goal to empower and reward the individual voice,” said Dave Sachse, Yappem Founder and Executive Vice President. “Yappem is rewarding users in a fun and creative way that is beneficial to the user and the brands.

Estimate accepted. Location and time confirmed. Shoot day arrives and I’m on location. Judging by the surroundings I was going to have to use a bit of lighting to “spice” things up a bit. Don’t know if you’ve been in an empty warehouse ever, but they usually range from a dirty white – dark gray color and are lit with a sea of light from the overhead lights. This one however was the first that I have been in that has a bright yellow wall in it! #naturalwarming.

wisconsin commercial headshots photographer

As you can see in the picture above, I used a total of four lights. After locking in my exposure for the key light and kicker I set out to make a corrugated metal wall into an interestingly lit sea of company colors. I really liked the way that the ridges in the metal offered a vertical pattern that gives another element to the background, and i knew that I would be using a 70-200mm lens zoomed to about 135mm to throw the wall out of focus a bit, so I put two speedlights set at about a 1/4 power to rake across the wall. The left one, with a blue-ish gel, was a little higher pointing directly horizontal and the other (look close, it’s there, super-clamped to the blue vertical beam) is at about knee-height pointing back towards the other flash, with a yellow gel. If it all worked out as planned, I should have an interesting, slightly blurred, vertical pattern of blue-meets-yellow.

Yappem Headshots Mike Wiesman Photography

The one thing to take away from this post from a photography aspect is that you can use light not only light your subject, but can create some really neat, unique background options instead of using the traditional “banker background” to make your clients images really stand out. If the wall is not lit with the two speedlights and gels these portraits would look like…., well, I’m not sure I would even want to see that image.

Thanks for checking out the blog again, I do have more posts in the works here as well as a much more active F64Group.org website and photography community coming up. Would love to hear what it is that you enjoy reading/looking at in the comments, don’t want to post it public? Send me an email at mike[at]mikewiesman.com

Yappem is available for free to users to download for iphone, ipad, android and at www.yappem.com.

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