Wi-Fi, Good Coffee and Outlets…

While deciding on what coffee shop to read today’s RSS feeds, a few questions came to mind that seems to make one coffee shop stand out more than others. Wi-Fi (of course), Good Coffee, and Outlets. Of course, this is subjective, and I know for a fact that my daily morning coffee pick-up only includes the “Good Coffee” part and stop at my local coffee roster, Luna Cafe.

Since August 2000, Luna Coffee and its owners, Angela and Mark Patel, have been serving fresh-roasted coffee in De Pere, Wisconsin. Our cafe’, once a turn-of-the-century horse harness maker’s shop, offers a cozy atmosphere that celebrates both the history of our building, with hardwood floors and exposed brick walls, and the vibrant arts scene of today, as we display artwork of some of the area’s best photographers, painters, and other artists. -lunacafe.com

Among other coffee shops in the Green Bay area are, Karvana, The Daily Buzz, Crystal Coffee Cafe, Starbucks (of course, they’re everywhere), Caffe’ Espresso, Lox Stock & Bagel and many more. But when I am in other cities, I have been making myself aware of what I look for and it is Free Wi-Fi, Good tasting coffee and plenty of power outlets for all.

I feel bad saying this, but there is rarely that I don’t visit a coffee house without my MacBook Pro. There used to be a day that I could just take a book and spend the day reading, but those days have slowly dwindled down to only a few.
Feel free to leave your own reason as to what you look for in a coffee house.

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