Why Every Session Is Important.

I have had more and more first-hand personal experiences this past year than ever that verify a very my strong personal belief that I have about photography. A belief that goes deeper than just an exposure, a belief that we have all experienced, and a belief that we all have contributed to; Photography is a very important aspect in each of our lives historically, emotionally, and esthetically.

Viewing, discussing, and creating images can be a passage to self-discovery that enhances self-esteem. Studying photography can be the conduit to a further understanding of various cultures and different ways of seeing, believing, and thinking. Photography broadens our conception of ourselves and the world. ~ Cynthia Way

One of the joys of photography that we all can relate to is the historic sense of documenting a moment in time. Baby Joe can be captured at one, two, three years old for years to come. A moment can last for generations to come. A moment that can change history or a moment that can keep a deceased loved one close forever. As a parent you carry pictures of your children in your wallet, police use pictures to photograph crime scenes, many hire a photographer to capture their wedding day. Photography is one of the most universal mediums that is used in just about every avenue of our culture.  More after the jump….

I would like to share a few humbling experience that has only made my passion and personal motivation to work as hard as I can when shooting for my clients. Three years ago I photographed a high school senior and a week later he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, a phone call that no parent wants to receive. This 17-year-old young man was involved in a life-threatening car accident only a few days after the photo session. This senior ended up suffering casualties to his face and body that were pretty severe, leaving permanent scaring and damage. I didn’t have idea at the time what had happened but when looking through the proofs that needed to be picked up yet there was a note sticking out from a name that I remembered. This senior’s mom left a note with our receptionist to let the photographer [me] know how much she appreciated the pictures and how much they mean to everyone in the family. She wanted let [the studio] know that she would be needing more time before she would be placing her order due to the nature of the situation.

Reading that note, my heart skipped a few beats and I suddenly realized the importance of what I do. It was more than just making pictures of high school seniors, it was capturing a landmark moment in their life that within an instant could be all taken away. I never though about my job like that before and have carried that experience forward to every session that I continue to shoot. Sadly this has happened more than once which only reinforces my dedication to being a professional image maker.

Even if it is “just” senior pictures, it is always important to take the session serious (does not mean that you can’t have fun) and work hard at getting it right in camera and shooting the best images that you are capable of. You never know when things can change, for yourself or your customers.

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