Update from yesterday

Well, yesterday didn’t entirely go as planned. To be honest, I didn’t even get a chance to take my camera out of my bag. :( I’m not too disappointed though, instead of making pictures I ran into some really great people yesterday that have influenced very many of my photographs.

I don’t really believe that there was a defining moment in my life where I said to myself, “hey, I want to be a photographer.” It was more of a “calling” as many call it. I remember going my older siblings sports games with my family and no matter who was playing, I was always intrigued by the people on the sideline with these HUGE cameras. I remember when I could start telling the difference between Canons and Nikons. I remember thinking, “man, those guys get the best seat in the house. I want to be in that seat. AND if these guys do their job right, they get published on the front page of the newspaper the next day! WOW, what a great deal!

Flash forward 14 years …

Currently I am a working professional that makes a living from making portraits of people on a daily basis. What I had always wanted to be, I currently am, a Professional Photographer. Today, right this minute, I am being an amateur and am only shooting what I want to shoot for the remaining of the weekend till I step into my paid position (professional) on Monday morning.

Thanks to everyone that has influenced me along the way. To my mentors, idols and all other sources of inspiration I offer a big thank-you for giving me a chance, encouragement and creative ideas along the way.

More to come…


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