The Magical Mystery Studio Tour Chicago | An ASMP get together

Good things always happen when you get a load of creative minds in the same room, or a in the case of last night, a Chicago Trolly, three photogs and a bunch of ASMP members. With a name like The Magical Mystery Tour who wouldn’t attend? This being my vert first ASMP event that I have attended I was not sure what to expect, but I was sure that it would be mind opening as well as there would be some great exchanges of dialog and as always, business cards.

The evening started at Helix Photography and Video with the destination unknown to us all. All that we were told ahead of time was:

Here’s an opportunity to get up close, personal, and behind the shoot of three very prominent Chicago photographers. On this rare occasion these photogs will open the doors to their studios and give you a first hand vantage point to how they shoot and how they outfit their studios. You’ll have the chance to ask questions, pick their brains, and gain some insight into how they’ve built successful photography businesses.

The three studios that were welcomely open for our visiting were:
Steve Grubman
Sean Williams
Tom Maday
Below are a few pictures that I took with my terrible camera phone.


These guys were VERY informative in this casual, basic question-and-answer tour. All and all good times were had and lots of mentoring went on. This being one my first ASMP event, I was entirely pleased, and instantly knew that I would be attending all of the events that my schedule allows. Thanks again Ron for setting this up and if you are in the Chicago/Midwest regoin, I highly encourage you to check out the Event Calender and get involved.

And now back to your regular scheduled self-promotion material…

You do schedule time to self-promote right?

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