The Belle Agency Top Model Contest 2013

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The Belle Agency Top Model Contest 2013

Had the pleasure of working with Heather Arendt and The Belle Agency over the past couple of months leading up to this big event at aLoft, last Friday evening. I cannot say enough good things about everyone that I had the opportunity to meet and work with leading up this wonderful event. From the contestants themselves to all the other professionals involved, and especially Heather, thanks so much for making this an enjoyable and successful event for everyone. Here are the results and  a few of the pictures that I got of each of the contestants as they strutted their stuff for the judges.

Grand Prize Overall TOP MODEL WINNER IS Nina Powell!


Category Women ages 21-30

079_Belle_Agency_57071st place Tori Thern
013_Belle_Agency_55622nd place Annie Mae Castillo
009_Belle_Agency_55523rd place Courtney Young

Women Ages 31+

049_Belle_Agency_56351st Place Nina Powell

054_Belle_Agency_56472nd Place Karin Shorey

065_Belle_Agency_56743rd place Kristina Smeester

Mens Category

097_Belle_Agency_57511st place Landen Heroldt
084_Belle_Agency_57242nd place Darrell Fralin
038_Belle_Agency_56153rd place Jeremiah Harper
121_Belle_Agency_1533 120_Belle_Agency_1525 119_Belle_Agency_1523 115_Belle_Agency_5791 105_Belle_Agency_5765 101_Belle_Agency_5762 080_Belle_Agency_5711
061_Belle_Agency_5665 048_Belle_Agency_1466 036_Belle_Agency_5608 030_Belle_Agency_5598 018_Belle_Agency_5572 017_Belle_Agency_5567 004_Belle_Agency_5543 002_Belle_Agency_1431


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