The 9th of January

I sit here still working on my “2009 – a Retrospective” series. I look through the final cuts and see that so many things are missing and then go back to add more. Thanks to everyone who had a helping hand in getting me to the places where my photos are made. Without certain people, many of the photos that I have made would have not been possible.

I plan on having this collection loosely “completed” by then end of the weekend. There are so many people that had such a large impact on my life that I want to make sure that I include all the great memories. Under much thought I have also decided to include pictures that I have taken with other cameras other than professional SLR cameras. I decided on this because the main point of the project is that the moment captured is more important than the high-tech machine that captured it.

So in essence, I hope to have this project wrapped up soon.

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