Ten Tips for the Aspiring Model

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Ten Tips for the Aspiring Model

MD1_4658-EditI probably get one email a week with some general questions from an aspiring model, or an email about a model letting me know that they are available for TF work, so I decided to start to use my blog as a place to answer questions and insight from others that I have worked with. Below is what she whipped up just for you. I asked Heidi because of her versatility, creativeness and outgoing positive attitude that she brings to the shoots. Yeah, she has a great look. Agreed. But what I really enjoy about working with Heidi is all that comes with her look, the personally, creativity, spontaneousness, and versatility. Here is what Heidi has to say;

10. Do your research. – New models often get approached by many photographers to work with them. Though it can be exciting and overwhelming to be asked to be a model for them. Do not jump the gun! Make sure that they are going to be worth your time. Check out all of their work and make sure it looks like something you would be proud to create. If they look up to your standards, next make sure they are legitimate. Contact other models or makeup artists that have worked with them, and always scope out the location they send you as well.

9. Be Selective. – To many people you are only as good as your worst photo. Not every picture you get back will look perfect, and sometimes you may not like ANY of them! Chalk it up to experience.  Only add the best of your photos to your portfolio. Heidi-615

8. Be prepared. – Always have stand-by clothing that’s clean and ready to go that you know you look good in. For test shoots and casting calls you should wear clothes that show your figure; figure- fitting pants and a plain loose t-shirt or tank top. Wear little to no makeup, and plain heels.

7. Take care of your health. – Modeling can be a lot of work. It often involves hours of travel, followed by hours of prep, followed by hours in front of the camera, and can usually start all over the next day. The best way to keep yourself feeling and looking your best is to live a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you are eating healthy foods, and enough! and staying active. By making healthy choices every day, your body will overall function better, you will have clearer skin, healthier hair, and you won’t have to worry about looking like you are sick or tired in pictures.

6. Stay Persistent. – As a beginner you will come across many people who may put you down and not think that you are capable. And as you progress and your work gets better, it could get worse! Some of these people may even be your friends or family, but as long as you know that this is something you want to do and this is making you happy, you have nothing to worry about. Don’t give up on something you love just because somebody else doesn’t like it.

5. Network, network, network. – Always be on your game. Don’t expect jobs to come to you. You have to devote a lot of time to finding jobs and casting. Networking is a beautiful thing, it is great when you find photographers and artists that have all worked together before so there is no second guessing their experience or your safety. MD1_4699-Edit
4. Practice! – Stand in front of a mirror and practice your poses, especially if you have wardrobe picked out before hand. Get to know your body really well. Know which poses look best and which make your arms look twice as big as they really are. Get creative with the wardrobe; see what you can make look unconventional but still appealing. Sometimes you will get put in really eccentric wardrobe; it is your job to make it look good!

3. Loosen up, be yourself! – As a model, being in front of the camera is something that you should enjoy! However sometimes even experienced models can get stuck or freeze up if they are nervous. If you find yourself in that position just remember to loosen up! Go crazy, make stupid faces, and jam out to the music; whatever it takes to get you back to having fun and feeling comfortable. Some of the best photos can come from something completely not posed, and it’s always awesome when you can come out with a great image that really shows your personality and who you are! 0654-Edit

2. Always have a concept in mind. Inspiration for a photo shoot can come from all over the place. Whether you see a certain area of town you think would make a great backdrop, or come across an amazing beauty shot online, always have something in mind when approaching a photographer, hair stylist or makeup artist to work together. When you are a new model you need to show that you have initiative and something more to bring to the table besides a pretty face. It is not a photographer’s job to come up with the setting and concept of a shoot that YOU are asking for. You should have a few inspiration images, a general idea of where you want to shoot, and know what you want to get out of it for a final image. I even listen to music that puts me in the mood for the shoot!

1. Have Fun! – This is something you should be doing because you love and enjoy it! Don’t ever do anything that you don’t want to do, and do everything you want to do! This is your chance to sculpt yourself into whatever creative being you want to portray and capture it!


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