Sunday (Packer Celebration) Links 1-23-11

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Sunday (Packer Celebration) Links 1-23-11

Donald Driver - Green Bay Packers - Mike Wiesman Photography

Fresh off a Packer win over the Chicago Bears to launch them into the Super Bowl I had to dig out a photo of Donald Driver I took a few years ago at Lambeau Field. Congratulations to the Green Bay Packers for their Super Bowl birth! This weeks links are as follows (feedback and comments are always encouraged),
  • Here are some of photos of the last time that the Packers played the Bears on Jan. 2nd by Mike Roemer.
  • NikonUSA has a great section on their site that shows some behind the scenes pictures and video documentary footage from their advertising campaigns. This one in particular is very interesting as photographer, Steve Vaccariello, shoots with SB-900’s and shows their versatility.
  • Thumbing though a stack of expired fashion/beauty magazines I got from a friend I found out that Allure posts some behind the scenes video of their photo shoots on their web site. I like to hear about the concepts of the photo shoots as well as the interaction and dialog that the photographer has with the model. Very important aspects of a successful shoot.
  • Find images like yours using idée’s BYO Image Search Lab. What’s neat about this is how your unique perspective is often shared by many others, and also neat to see other POV.
  • Ever wonder what the set of a Victoria’s Secret looks like? Check out the BTS videos to see, via
  • Well worth the click over to check out National Geographic’s Photo of the Day – Best of 2010.
  • Magnum Photo – In Memoriam 2010.

Go Pack!


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