Sunday Coffee Links

Ever pickup your camera and wonder what to shoot? Are you working on your new 365-project and starting to hit a wall on this 10th day of 2010? Trying to find that new subject or “look” for your next shoot? Here’s a list of a some links that should help get your creative juices flowing.

  • As always, if you are looking for something to shoot. Great content is only a few clicks away with David Hobby at Strobist. I sometimes just take a look through the archives to get the wheels turning.
  • Believe it or not, YouTube is also a great source of inspiration. There are a lot of photographers that post their behind-the-scenes footage of photo shoots, lighting tut’s, gear reviews and the backyard 2-story water slide that we all eventually get sidetrack on.
  • There is a great little app for the Palm Pre called, Dropee. Which serves as a Dropular client. Dropluar is a Media Bookmarking site that is great for artists, designers or anybody that wants to see interesting images, videos, or links from the world wide web. (Currently down due to a server change)
  • Looking to add some new gadgets to that bag? Check out the strobist-friendly products of CheetahStand.
  • Dustin Diaz, voted as the Best flickr Photographer of 2009, wrapped up an addicting 365-project on December 31st. A stroll through his photography will get your Bokeh-jucies flowing, most of his images have strobist info attached as well as a set-up shot showing the lighting set-up.
  • Craig Johnson produces some some of the best HDR images around.

There are a lot of days that go by where I am wondering what I can shoot. I know that when I have reached the point that I am thinking about what I want to shoot, I know that I am over-thinking. Just pick up your camera, put on that lens that you never use, because “you don’t know when you would ever use it,” and go take a walk. Capture everything you see, everything that intrigues you, grabs your eye and causes you think think. Thinking about being creative does not do it for me, I have to get out there and make pictures.

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