Sunday Coffee Links!

There is a slew of new links to share this Valentine’s Sunday! Trying to stay true to my purpose of this blog is to keep the inspiration and creativity going not only within my own head, but within your head too. Coffee always helps too.

  • Thumbing through the Strobist flickr pool with a search requirement limited to the term “coffee” turned up some really nice results. Really opened my eyes to some new ideas.
  • One of my RSS feeds that I follow announced the launching of an entire website dedicated to Canon Speedlight shooters. ( I’m a Nikon user myself, but this is site is sure to pull at least a few hours of reading time every week.
  • Incase you haven’t heard Aperture 3.0 is out and is getting some really, really great reviews. Chase Jarvis blogged about it and so did Joe McNally so you know it is good.
  • I really had a great find on with his last post of the 2009 year. 12 Collections of the best of 2009 photos.

A few other sources of inspiration that I have are the constant “thumbing” back through some of the untouched/unedited files that I have. Here are a few of the revisited files that I cam across that were just begging to be edited.

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