Sunday Coffee Links!

Drink Luna Coffee!

This has been a great week for reading RSS feeds although I will admit I’m a bit behind in reading the ones that I subscribe to. But I made progress on 200+ feeds this week but still have 456-and counting to catch up on.

  • As a recent follower to, I have dug deep into their content and found how valuable their site really is. One could spend an entire year learning from what they share. Great content and behind the scenes videos, daily. From How to Shoot Fashion Photography In a Pool to their latest Product Review (Nikon Pocket Wizard FlexTT5, MiniTT1 and AC3 Review).
  • This goes back to July 2010, but it’s a great way to deliver your photography to new clients. Clark Vandergrift I have mentioned before, but he’s a very creative guy and deserves a mention here because this package that he put together to promote himself is AWESOME!
  • Lastolite opened a new section of their website lastyear and have been adding valuable tutorial videos on how to get the most out of their products. Check out the Lastolite School of Photography’s FREE tutorial videos!
  • Check out this Idiot with a tripod.
  • Here is a VERY creative guy and what he did with his boat. Part artwork, part boat. French artist Julien Berthier has designed a fully functional boat to look as if it is sinking.
  • Another link from fstoppers but I had to share this footage that NASA captures of every shuttle launch. This particular footage just might be some of the last footage, as the funding for the space program has been cut.
  • Last but not least I’d like to share an interview with a photographer that inspired me a lot lately. Jeremy Cowart explains and discusses his photography to Chase Jarvis. Cowart is also the brains behind Help-Portrait. What I really enjoy about this interview is that it brings in into Jeremy’s personality and shows how humble of a guy he really is. He’s another guy in this world, following his passion, giving back to the community and producing some amazing work. To save you a jump, I’ve included the video below.

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