Sunday Coffee Links 1-16-2011

I have had a lot positive feedback so far from the past few weeks of Sunday Coffee Links that I have put together. Thanks to those who have followed along. It’s one of my more time consuming posts that I put together so it’s good to get some feedback on it. Feedback in mind, I would like to hear a bit about what it is that you are interested in? What makes your creative juices flow? What are you surfing the web for and what keeps you distracted when you just can’t stay away from photography? That being said, here’s this weeks links;

  • Sigma released a 85mm f1.4EX DG HSM lens that rivals Nikon and Canon name brand lenses. Check out PDN’s Product Review and it might just save you $500!
  • Remember Huck Finn? I sure do, but I don’t remember the characters in the book ever looking like this! Great photography by Kent Marcus and a great BTS video too! (He also lost some equipment to the river thanks to a wind that kicked up out of nowhere. — not cool, but something that many of us can relate to.)
  • A blog that I have started to follow, The Sartorialist threw me a total spin the other day with this post. Got me thinking about how many things like this go unnoticed in our lives. There is also a neat video about how he works.
  • A day in the life of a Paintball Photographer. There’s a niche of photography that I never thought of!
  • How does one turn a water-stained plain white hall into a photo studio? Watch and read how David Hobby makes something out of nothing and turns a Nikon SB-800 into a laser.
  • Last but not least, Jared Polin. Photographers of all skill levels should check him out. From product reviews, to behind the scenes videos, contests and tutorials, Polin is sharing his passion for photography with the world and his form of communication is addicting.

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