Stepwise Returns TONIGHT!

I had that awesome experience to photograph, hang-out, talkin’ smack and making a few pics of these six guys known as Stepwise. As a few of you may know I was highly involved with Boy Scouts as a kid/young adult. Yes, I earned my Eagle Scout, I earned loads of merit badges and wore a neckerchief that proudly displayed Troop 872. But one of the best things that I have taken from the scouting program is the friends that I remain in contact with over the years.

Life always has a way of disconnecting you with people of great meaning and friendship as the years roll by. These friends are some of the friends that you have great memories with whether it be playing pick-up games of football and baseball at the local park, or going on high-adventure trips rock-climbing and canoeing through rapids. Sooner or later you start to wonder after all those years of disconnection, what the hell those guys are up to these days?!?!

Well Stepwise is making their comeback after some time off and has hit the road running rockin’ with their new frontman/lead singer Andrew along with a showcase of new material that is sure to turn any White Pony listeners ear. (Boy Scouts and Deftones can’t say that I have ever thought that I would use those two in the same context.)

Stepwise in their practice room. From Left to right (above): Steve-guitar/vocals, Andrew-vocals, Hintz-tables/samples, Ted-drums, Spurt-bass/vocals, Mikey-guitar

The above shot was just a test-shot before a break we took so that band could play a little of music and not have to worry about looking into my glass eye (my Nikon). We ended up not shooting this because of time, but the one shot that I snapped speaks all the guys personalities so well I had to share it.

Tonight! The return happens at 7:00pm at The Rave in Milwaukee!

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