Stay Young in Your Heart & Mind

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Stay Young in Your Heart & Mind

In a recap summary meeting yesterday in regards to the Creativity is Ageless Event, it came up in one of my answers to a question about the positives that I personally saw out of the entire program now that I have been involved. Durring my response I believe that I said something along the line of “It verified that age, as in the sense of our living age on earth, is really all in our exterior.” Granted as time passes, age is against us physically all along, but what we do have is our memory and mind that for most part will outlive all of our exterior. Staying young in your mind and heart are two keys to life, and what better way to stay young at heart than hanging around kids? Right?

Speaking of little tikes, it’s been a little over a year already since I have gotten together with my nephew specifically for some photos. This day is seemed as though he proved that two-year old boys are wired for one thing, RUNNING. (This is the point where I also say that with age, our energy level seems to drop as well.) This little guy loves to do just that, to run. And run. And, ok, just one more lap around the house. It seems that when I’m around little kids, I too am a little kid. Just have to rest with ice packs on my knees afterwards due to those 20-years of playing catcher. Below are a few of my favorites. Thanks Julie and Ben for taking some time to come hang out for pictures again! Joe sure has changed a lot over the past year!

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