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This past year I discovered a quite avant-garde photography magazine/web site called JPG. Please take a moment and click on my photo above and vote for me! At JPG, it is all about the love of, and for, photography on all spectrums, talents, point-of-views, and general user addiction, mixed with a contest for publication and $100 for every photo picked to be published. Members of the site (membership is free) can upload images with retaining all copyright for a chance to get published in this bi-monthly magazine based on a mixture of vote from peers and how well the photo represents the theme that it was submitted in. (Read more about the process here.) From the moment I picked this neatly organized and well designed publication off the news stand at Barnes & Noble I myself have been severely addicted to not only it but their high traffic Web site as well. 
JPG’s Web site states, “JPG exists because of, and for, photographers like you. We connect through the pictures we share and the stories we tell.” Within the content of JPG magazine and JPG the Web site reads alike can find mind blowing images, minus the 20-30 that are just your normal snapshots by uncle Jim or auntie Em, this publication offers a wide variety of image stimulation. 
Basically I have found another reason to go out and shoot on days that I am feeling bored and lazy. I muster a few hours behind the mouse voting on other images, while in the meantime being creatively stimulated, and before you know it I’m out shooting or I have a great new idea for an upcoming job. It’s a win-win situation for everyone! I’d like to know if any of you are members of JPG and if your please leave a link so that we all can link directly to your work!
Below are a few favorite photographs that I have found on JPGmag.com:

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