I am going to take a page out of David Hobby‘s book and take some time to share some links that I think are well worth the time. I will be making more an effort to do this more often, as it’s a way to share with not a lot of jibber-jabber on my part and it gets you to the good stuff faster! So here we go!

  • The Strobist Jet Pack is a great little DIY project that solves a few problems for the solo shooter out there that is always wishing that they could get that light off the camera further.
  • Have you been the victim of a lighting test-shot? If so, make sure that you check out Light-test.com. Everyone is welcome to upload your own light-test image to the community.
  • Chase Jarvis recently posted a great talk that he gave at the Art Director’s Club of Denver.
  • Joe McNally is STILL playing around with Speedlights, and as always, is creating some mind-blowing results. (Where does this guy think of these things?!)
  • ‘Reverie’ the first feature film made with the Nikon D90 is completed and in the stages of being released. Check out a teaser here. And/or check out the official web site!
  • As always, stay up-to-date with Nikon Rumors.

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