Something with a Little Cheese

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Something with a Little Cheese

Well, it’s been a few months since I have posted anything that I have felt is worthy of sharing. I’ve always liked to take quality over quantity method, so I’ll get right to it. Over the last couple months I have building a new portfolio of fashion-inspired photographs to fill a hole in my portfolio of work that I would like to be shooting. That being said, I met a great resource from connecting for an assistant/stylist for a senior session last fall and met the ever-so creative Erin. Erin has brough inspiration to every shoot we have been on together and continues to inspire with her imagination for crafting some of the most unique props/headpieces. (More on this including images in my next blog post.)

It all started with a shoot that Erin, Kassi, and I worked together for some new headshots Kassi’s portfolio, featuring the talents and stylings of Erin herself. It’s a win-win-win as I like to call it. Everyone walks away with something. Specializing in on-location photography I am used to coordinating locations to shoot at. Believe it or not, somehow last summer I got access to an airport and a plane to shoot in with less than 48-hours to go. For this particular case I didn’t have the location locked-in until about a day ahead of time. Which happened to work out to be my first pick of locations – just had to make the right calls and get a hold of the right people. Afterall, the worst thing that anyone can say when asking to use their venue for a photo shoot is, NO. (Working under-pressure sometimes causes things to happen, such as barter. This is where your “working for free” stuff comes into play. I am actually working on a blog post about that for the future too.)

I arrived on location about three hours prior to the main shoot as agreed upon with the owner of the establishment, Parisi’s Delicatessen – “Purveyors of Wisconsin Cheeses and Superior Meats in Green Bay, WI, to help solve a photography mission that Alex, the owner of Parisi’s had been on. [Alex is the genius behind the original Zucchini Duck picture.] The mission that was as hand was a “glamor shot” of the speciality Wisconsin cheeses in the cheese case display for the Parisi’s Facebook Page and Website. Sounds like a walk in the park right? But did I forget to mention that it has a giant rounded front piece of glass that raises some really difficult reflections to work with. Quickly firing up the archive of lighting scenarios that I have been a part of in my photographic experiences, I knew that this was going to take a lot of black cloth and a decent amount of support equipment to drape black all around the curved window to eliminate all the sources of reflection.

Parisi's Cheese Green Bay Wisconsin

After much debate between many ideas like how many black bed sheets we would have to purchase to hide the reflections, or how many different possible photos we could merge in PS using just one black sheet. Alex then pointed out that the backside of the case had sliding-doors that were removable. At one point I believe I asked Alex if it would be possible to rotate the cheese case 90-degrees?  Wait! Did I hear removable doors!? It was going to give us a much smaller “window” to shoot in, but it would be a much better shot without reflections if we removed the access doors on the back. All that we had to do was remove all the cheese and display it facing the entirely opposite direction 180-degrees.


To be honest by the time that I had the camera and lighting setup, Alex had all the cheeses displayed and ready to shoot. We got the shot we initially set up for plus two additional shots and called it a wrap. The shot looks pretty darn nice on top of Parisi’s website and Facebook pages (Screenshots below). Next time that you’re out for lunch or stop in Kavarna Coffee to grab a fresh cup of java, grab a delicious sandwich from Parisi’s Delicatessen too!


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