Skeeted to Chicago for Some Fastpitch Softball

Marian College Fastpitch Softball - Emily Wiesman

Headed out to Chicago on a last minute whim  this weekend to catch a 4-game weekend of Fastpitch softball for Marian University. It’s my younger sister’s senior year my chances to get some action pics of her playing are dwindling. I’ve covered her little league games from the time I bought my first SLR camera in high school, and have always made it a point to meet a few times every season to get some shots. I even took a two trips out to AZ for their “spring training” and enjoyed a week of double headers. Gigs of photos later, we are here at the closing of a chapter.

Times like these are part of everyones life. Chapters are just starting and closing, all the juicy details and drama unfolding throughout life. In this case there have been milestones met, lots of bumps and bruises, many hit-by-pitches, the sweet feeling of slammin a homerun, losing a game in the bottom of the 7th; worse yet in the bottom of the 13th. But theses are all parts of the game. The reason that athletes compete. To excel at one thing that you are dedicated.

For me, photography is what I have dedicated my life to, it may change in the future but right now, right here, it’s all about photos. For my sister, it’s all about dedication to something that she has worked at all of her life, fast-pitch softball.

What are you dedicating your life to? In your life’s chapters, what have you dedicated 100% to? Chances are that whatever it is or was, that you succeeded at it.

Marian College Fastpitch Softball - Emily Wiesman

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