Sharing Some Old [but new] Work

These are a few images that are one-offs as many say. I kinda like to look at them in a manor that’s a bit different. Every few months I like to take a look back at the work that I have produced and see if I overlooked an image to two, or if I have any unplanned collections of work that I can build on or complete as well as seeing if there is anything that will complement my current projects.

So really, this is just some photos that no one has really even seen but me. Comments welcome.

The first on was taken while on vacation in Las Vegas. We stopped to grab some sushi at Koi at just the perfect timing to see the show across the street at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino.

Bellagio Hotel and Casino - Las Vegas, NV - © Michael Wiesman Underside of an On-ramp - Green Bay, WI - © Michael Wiesman Underside of a bridge - Green Bay, WI - © Michael Wiesman Superior Dome © Michael Wiesman One Year Roses © Michael Wiesman

For those of you that have made it all the way down here, there is a little strobist-bonus set-up shot for the last pic.

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