On location with The Etude Group

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On location with The Etude Group

Before 2012 ended I had the opportunity to work with a couple of really great clients. One of them being The Etude Group. Consisting of Elementary School for the Arts and AcademicsThe Mosaic School, and IDEAS Academy  The Etude Group aims to offer a more arts-oriented education that thrives off of the multiple intelligences of each student. It’s a different way to learn and cannot help but think of where these students will go in life after an experience like this. Seriously, some really great things happening at these three schools! We spent two days together shooting a total of 1435 images, three different buildings, 38 different subjects including administrators, teachers and secretaries all taken in different places throughout the buildings. As you would guess, there was a bit of planning that went into this gig to make it flow as smooth at possible. (I believe we met in person about five times and email and phone at least double that.) But with that much set-up/take-down involved, with the time schedule that we planned out – I knew that when it was all done the day would have gone by in a blur. Yup, both days went by just about perfectly, and just as FAST as expected!

Big thanks to Leah, the Communications Coordinator, who helped tremendously with this project along with the I.D.E.A.S Academy Photography Interns who toted my gear, picked-up stuff and moved it all day, listened to me think out-loud how I was seeing the next shot and how/where I wanted the lights to be put. Here are a few of the portraits that we got. Let me know what you think in the comments below.



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