New Web Site and Blog Layout

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New Web Site and Blog Layout

Hey folks, I’ve pretty busy the past few months working on some new branding and business plan details for this year so sorry about the lack of content on the blog. The good news is that there is a bunch of new work posted within the portfolios as well as an entirely new site layout and blog. Give them a peak and you might just find yourself!

There have been a few things that I really wanted to improve from the old site, the biggest one being that I wanted to make the images more of the main focus. After all, that is what I offer, images. I also wanted to get away from anything flash and incorporate HTML5 so that users can access the site on a variety of platforms without sacrificing the look. For the most part I think that no matter what device you choose to visit this new site, you should be able to view it. That’s a big plus.

My favorite little thing about the site is the way that the thumbnails look in the portfolios. If your are in a gallery and your browser window is not maximized, just click the lower corner of your window and make it larger – as you do this, the thumbnails will auto-fill the extra screen space with more pictures. Not a earth shaking event, but as with weddings, I’m a fan of the details.

I’ve also added a brand new 2013 High School Senior Rep program with an online application form. This is a great opportunity for seniors to gain some promotional and marketing experience, so if you know someone who would be interested as well as would be a successful rep, it’s appreciated if you pass a link on to them. I thank you in advance.

Big thanks to all my fans and clients, without you I’m just another photographer. This is the first step of some major advancements that I have planned this year. Check back often for more content and pictures, as well as some other insightful ramblings from yours truly.

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