Just a scrap, or maybe not. Editing photos on your camera.

Just a scrap, or maybe not. Editing photos on your camera.

Many of the sports shooters that I know have love the time saving editing that they all can do on their new 3inch dSLR screens. As time saving that this is, I have refused to do it, unless the rare occasion that I am running short on storage.

“But with this huge screen I can edit all my shots between plays and in between races.”

That’s a waste of time, you are missing out on many of the shots that count. Not just action shots sell. and how many photos have you saw in newspapers and magazines that aren’t “picture prefect”? Granted the vast majority are tack-sharp, but there is always that one unique shot that makes it double-truck, or on the cover.When editing on the fly in the field or on location there is this urge to rush-edit and make impulse deletions in a millisecond’s amount of time.

Not me, I have done away with on camera editing. I some of my best shots are ones that I was reviewing in the field and thought nothing of it, but it was not until I had of opened on my 24″ screen that I saw the power that one particular photograph had. Above is a good example. I had two camera bodies with me on this shoot one with a 300mm f2.8 and another with a 24-70mm f2.8. I had just finished rapping off a few closeups on the pack of runners coming towards me and grabbed the camera around my neck with the wide angle on it. Little did I know that I didn’t change my exposure setting from my last shot, (I was in a hurry, the pack was already in front of me and not slowing down). rapped off about a dozen shots listening to the shutter at an extremely slow speed then what I mind was expecting. I just kept clicking hoping for something. Above in the resulting image.

My point being, 3 inches isn’t enough to be doing photo editing on. Storage is cheep, buy lots of it so that you are never running short and save your editing for the post-shoot.


  1. O and I completely agree with this post, I don’t actually delete any shot unless its a blank frame or something. With lightroom or aperture you just filter them out and you don’t have to see them, you never know what you might need.

  2. Thanks, Carson.

    I have been looking more and more into those mighty fine kick ass vans that Digital Capture Systems offers. I have to say, that’s a pretty sweet/SICK setup that you have going there.

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