© Michael WiesmanI have been a member of for a few years now, It all started with a trip to the the Green Bay Barnes & Noble one day for a day of looking and picking apart photographs in magazines. With a bold cover, JPG stood out along with the likes of PDN, Archive, SliverShotz, and Skateboarding magazines but I owe more of my inspiration to the online JPG ( due to members of all skill-sets from all over the world. There are some pretty awesome photos done by “amateurs” and hobbyists that rank up there with some of the best professional photographs that I have ever viewed.

There is something about “the decisive moment” that makes up a lot of my favorites gallery on jpg. This Henri Cartier-Bresson approach to photography is as tastefully satisfying as your daily vanilla latte or coffee. I find myself going back on a daily basis, more than one time a day, for more than a few days at a time [photography addiction vs. caffeine addiction].

“The 40’s Were Good to Me” is a photo that I took in 2009 in Freedom, Wisconsin.

Prints are available 20in x 30in only, series is limited to 400. Please contact me for purchasing information.

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