It’s Winter….Still

Just when I started thinking to myself the other day that winter was “almost” over, we had another four inches of  snow fall. I’m getting really excited for this “winter blues” weather to break and Spring to make things green again. I’m also looking forward to hitting the trails with my bike, taking walks without having to wear as many layers that I dress like the Marshmallow ManTouring Wisconsin’s Disk Golf Courses, Music at The Small Theater and Drinking a Cup of Coffee outside at Luna.

Last weekend I got a call from a friend of mine wondering if I wanted to meetup and shoot the sunset. With the weather being a warm 24ºF I knew what my initial response was going be, but with it fresh in my mind that I have not shot anything for fun lately, I said yes.

The first shot, “your standard sunset with some big-sky-clouds”, I didn’t really take a huge liking to. I tried to let the brain slip away and just let my eyes do the seeing, as is their job and I started to see things a bit differently.

I really liked what I was starting to see, and was starting to get a bit more depth into the picture. Forground, middle ground and background right? Looking back at the above shot, I wish I would have visited this idea a little longer and tried a few more compositions. With the sun setting and the light running away from me I trudged onward through the snow to expand the eyes a bit further. Perhaps some close-ups with a little bokeh in the background? (this is due to a great amount of inspiration absorbed from Dustin Dais’ 365-project)

Then when editing them down I remembered that I took a series of 13 photos that I intended to stitch together into a panoramic. Stich + Crop  = Pano. I love it.

Until then, I will look forward to a future day that I can go out and shoot without the feeling of a numb index finger and wondering why the shutter is not clicking because I cannot tell that my numb finger is not on the button.

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