Instaproofs Photo Contest 2012

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Instaproofs Photo Contest 2012

Instaproofs, the company that I use for my online proofing and ordering, has a contest every year for the images that are displayed throughout their corporate web site. Not knowing what to expect and thinking that it would be some good exposure, I submitted a few of what I thought were my best shots.

[A few weeks pass]

Received an email from the president over at Instaproofs notifying me that not just one, but TWO of my images were selected as winners. The first one an image that I shot of really good friend of mine, Nick Utrie, after one of the very memorable shows at The Small Theater. I based the exposure off of a stage light that Utrie had mounted in the rafters, diffused by a translucent circle reflector clamped to a ladder about 6-ft in front, directly above camera. Also added two kickers behind him on the left and right to give hard-separator with a bit a rim light. It all developed over the course of about 30 minutes while Nick ripped off some licks that always impress. Below is another shot from that night highlighting his fingers and string-impressions left by hours of playing.

The second shot that was selected was shot for a brilliant stranger. A unique vintage clothing boutique in fish creek, door county wi. This was a simple one-light setup with a shoot-through umbrella to camera-left up high. We shot a lot of images that day and one this one everything just seemed to come together. We had a lot of fun on this shoot, the previous shot to this one is below. Again one-light setup, with the addition of an old office phone prop. All in a day’s shoot.

Thanks to the folks over at Instaproofs for selecting my images and for providing a sound and solid online proofing/ordering solution for many photographers out there.

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