I Challenge You

Ok, heres the deal:

I would like for you to take at most three minutes and take a look at my online portfolio and use the contact form or email me mike[at]michaelwiesman[dot]com and give me some critical feedback on what photo/s you like the most and the one that you like the least. Does not have to be three minutes and please take longer if you would like. What I am going for here is feedback, I want to know and here what each and every one of you think of my portfolio. That is right, it is open season on my photography, shoot away with comments!

If you would be so kind to just state a little bit what you like and dislike about the two, three, four, or as many pictures you feel need to be commented on, that would be excellent. I will promise that I will read each and everyone of your comments and get back to you with a response.

You are also welcome to start up some dialog via comments, I would love to get some banter going.

If you are absolutely pressed for time, if you would be so kind as to quickly let me know what picture you like and dislike, that’s cool too.



On a side note, I felt that a new self-portrait was needed the other night, So I made one. Feel free to comment on that too:


Last note, If you want your picture taken, know someone that would like their picture taken, or have a need for photography; we need to talk.


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