Here Comes Another Wisconsin Winter.

With the season just about fully transitioned to winter here in Wisconsin, minus the two feet of snow, the temperature has changed and the cold now chills one to the bone. Waiting for the snow to stick is what gets to me the most. After all, what is cold weather without snow? Everything is so gray and dull that I find myself struggling with my personal work in the midst of an unforgiving seasonal change.

I love the outdoors and Door County had another sensational fall that helped capture some of my best images to date. Full of beautiful colors and tourists as always, Door County could and will go down in my book as one of my favorite places in Wisconsin to photograph, and just to be. So being cooped up indoors for the mean time I have started to expand on my “Uniquely Complicated” series. Above is the first of the expansion. Look forward for more of these to come. I love the complicatedness of these images as the two substances mold and meld together with a simplicity that’s so complex as the same time. I also love the purity of a single color among and against the simple white background with subtle gray tones framing in the complexity.

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