Fitness/Lifestyle Personal Shoot

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Fitness/Lifestyle Personal Shoot

I feel that if I am not making it an effort to at least once a month shoot something for myself, then I feel that I might be becoming complacent. Of course we all get busy and just cannot afford to block off some time to shoot personal work, but it is honestly one of the most important things for a creative to do.


It hopefully serves a purpose – maybe it’s shooting new work to add to fill a hole in your portfolio? Maybe it’s a chance to work with someone that you’ve always wanted to? Maybe it’s just a shoot for the sake of shooting because the books are slow. This list could ultimately be endless…  The main point here, being to stay interested in producing new work and building your skills as a professional, have some fun, and make some mistakes. Making mistakes means that you are learning.

With all that in mind, a few months ago I approached Kimber with an idea for a personal portfolio shoot that would consist of a lot of bright colors and maybe a little bit of sweat. I was going for more of an “active lifestyle” look with a variety of angles and other more editorial/lifestyle looking images to fill some holes in my portfolio. A few emails later and the location selected, we headed to Picnic Point in Madison, Wisconsin to make some fitness themed images. The equipment that I used was mainly a 1600 White Lightning with a skinned 22″ Cheetahstand Beautydish to provide some fill-flash, and the ambient light mixed with direct sunlight. Pretty simple setup. Here are a few of my favorites that ended up making a nice collection of images for Kimber.

Kimberly_MD6_1672-Edit_(18_of_22) Kimberly_MD6_1414-Edit_(4_of_22) Kimberly_MD6_1613-Edit_(13_of_22) Kimberly_MD6_1453-Edit_(7_of_22) Kimberly_MD6_1619-Edit_(14_of_22) Kimberly_MD6_1496-Edit_(9_of_22) Kimberly_MD6_1382-Edit_(1_of_22) Kimberly_MD6_1591-Edit-Edit_(12_of_22) Kimberly_MD6_1705-Edit_(21_of_22) Kimberly_MD6_1636-Edit-Edit_(15_of_22) Kimberly_MD6_1439-Edit_(6_of_22) Kimberly_MD6_1695-Edit_(20_of_22) Kimberly_MD6_1642-Edit_(16_of_22) Kimberly_MD6_1425-Edit_(5_of_22) Kimberly_MD6_1580-Edit_(10_of_22) Kimberly_MD6_1670-Edit_(17_of_22) Kimberly_MD6_1586-Edit_(11_of_22) Kimberly_MD6_1412-Edit_(3_of_22)Kimberly_MD6_1710-Edit-Edit_(22_of_22)

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