Find Something that you have to Scream to the World About

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Find Something that you have to Scream to the World About

(This is a vertical panoramic picture, please scroll down to see it’s entirety, text follows along with a video interview with the photographer after the jump)

Awhile ago I talked about enjoying The Process of photography. Ignore the social media feedback, shoot what you are passionate about. Don’t shoot it for reactions and feedback, don’t shoot it for the most “likes” on Facebook. Shoot it because you WANT to shoot it.

Ever since I was a child I looked forward to thumbing though National Geographic looking at some of the best photography in the world. The photographers that shoot for NatGeo are among some of the best of the best. If you are a photographer, or even just an advocate of anything passionate, I suggest taking some time and listen to National Geographic Photographer Michael Nichols’ passion come through as he talks about the iconic 300-foot Redwood photograph he made. It’s truly inspiring listening to his speak about the entire process of making this this unique photo. Take a watch and leave a few thoughts in the comments.


I would suggest that as a young photographer – finding your voice. And then finding your voice; you’re going to find something that you feel you’ve got to scream to the world about. -Michael Nichols

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