Enjoying the Process of Photography, and Life

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Enjoying the Process of Photography, and Life

We are living in a society that instantly gives us feedback and interacts and spreads like wildfire. We also have adapted that the “success” of the photograph  is how many comments we have socially received. The more the better is what social media is telling us, the most twitter followers, the most published photographs, Google Analytics, and of course Facebook fans and friends. I too am guilty of getting caught up in the social success of a shoot, and often have forgotten where my true passion for photography came from. The Process.


“There is only one time in the process of creating art that the artist owns his work. I’m not talking about copyright or intellectual property laws. I’m talking about you, in your soul, owning your work. There is only one time in the process and it’s during the process of making it. While you are crafting the idea it is yours. You control it. You can make it fly or slit its throat. It’s up to you. But once you finish it, once you’ve handed it over to the world, the world owns it.” – Nice Photography Magazine

The creative process, the planning, the composition, the challenge of a tough exposure, building a set, your gear not working properly (or not working at all), the really late nights, the early mornings, all the blogs and web sites that have taught you along your way,  and don’t forget the people that we work with along with way. These are the elements of The Process. A process that we enjoy so much that sometimes we tend to over look it. We have to take a step back, and look at the overall, picture. (pun intended) All the little things that go into photography, or any art, is what many of us enjoy the most. The story behind the photograph is sometimes the best part.

“An artist’s life is like that of a boxer’s. You beat yourself up learning the art, you beat yourself practicing, then, if you’re lucky, you get a chance to go in the ring where everyone can see what you’ve got to show them, and you get beat up again. Maybe you win. Maybe you lose. Either way you’re bloody and bruised. Enjoy the process, it’s what gets you where you’re going.”  – Nice Photography Magazine

Don’t be afraid to shoot new things. Chances are that if you feel uncomfortable shooting them, you have little experience in that subject matter. With experience comes confidence; also part of the process. Unbuckle yourself from your shooting seatbelt and get out there and make pictures. Have fun with it, enjoy making your story. Keep some notes if you like. But there is one thing you should do, share your story.


  1. Nice little reminder of not getting sucked into the social media spiral. Thanks for that, I needed it. It is all about the process isn’t it!

  2. Good Article Mike, I really need to keep up on these.. I feel bad that I have fallen off a bit, I have been busy.. Ya know.. Glad things are going well for you.. Keep them coming and the same will come your way.. :)

  3. Will – it truly is all about the process. Don’t get me wrong, it’s always a great time showing people the few amazing pictures that we take as photographers. It sure seems these days that unless you are blogging, putting out BTS videos, releasing books, and doing gear reviews you aren’t a “successful” photographer. I say to hell with that! If you are doing all the above, how do you have time to produce any worthy photographs? And if you can do all the above AND have the output that puts you on the top; tip of the hat to you. Guy’s like Joe McNally, Chase Jarvis, David Hobby, Zack Arias to name a few. (granted Jarvis has a whole production crew to help him, and McNally has Drew) But still, I think that process is too often forgotten. Thanks for your comment, Will!

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