Economy excuse, photoshop excuse? Why not embrace it?

With as many think that the Economy shrinking is going to be a bad thing. I think that as photographers, it is one of the most positive things that could have happened to digital photography. Im going to use the studio-portrait industry as the main example here, mainly the dreaded “senior-portrait” area of portrait photography.

The good thing about a struggling market is that it’s going to weed out all the bad photographers that are out there shooting professional assignments. I feel that with how fast the Digital Movement came upon photographers that the older generations of studio photographers were focused on learning the technology so intensively that they forgot to take a minute to look at their business plan as well. It is one of the hottest topics among portrait photographers on how the senior business is shrinking and they do not know what they are going to do to get that business back. Everyday there is a new “uncle Jim” and “aunt Doris” or some other acquaintance that gets a digital camera and is INSTANTLY an amazing photographer! Long story short, they end up taking family senior portraits, weddings and all that jazz. “Cutting into the professional market” as everyone is putting it.

Cameras have become SOO good that just about anyone can produce an image that could pass as professional. Aright, maybe not straight out of the camera, but with a little “photoshopping” they could produce an acceptable image. What this time in photography is The Survival of the Fittest Photographer. The photographers that are creating new backgrounds, shooting at different locations, experimenting with new lighting, being actively creative away from and while behind the camera are going to be the ones that succeed. This in-turn will produce a new generation of advanced photographers that will be far ahead of the standard studio photographer that is using all the same lighting, backgrounds – just plopping in a few subject.

As Chase Jarvis explains the photographer that goes out there on a limb and is creating images that have not already been captured before are going to be the photographer that is going to succeed in this current market of photography. The photographers that have grown up with the digital technology already know how it works, they are not using time to think about how it works, like the traditional photographer may be. The latest generation photographer is the busy scouting out new locations, POV’s with kick-ass back-scapes, spending time at Home-Depot looking at the clearance isle for props and DYI light modifiers.

Wrapping it.
So do not use the economy as an excuse like so many others are. (Ah hem, American Auto Industry). This is your time as a Photographer to SHINE! Make the photographs that YOU want to! Do not be afraid to “photoshop” your images, afterall it is a tool that we have to use.

Just think if we had the technology of “the wheel”, and refused to use it…

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