Dailies – What Are They?

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Dailies – What Are They?

Dailies - MW Photo

As some have already noticed, everyday I have been adding to a new series titled Dailies. This is a new album that focuses on pushing creativity as an always present constant priority. All pictures so far have been taken entirely with the camera on my HTC EVO, mixed with various camera apps. from the Android Market. After having an awesome amount of feedback so far I decided to make a post talking a little bit about what inspired me to start posting and sharing a part of my daily life that I have been doing for a few years now to fuel daily creativity.

Not only is the HTC EVO the best phone I ever had, it’s the most handy point-and-shoot camera I’ve ever had as well. Not only is it with me wherever I go, but also because of the amount of camera control that it offered. (Keeping in mind that it’s “just” a cell phone camera.) This beast boosts an 8.0MP main camera with variable file sizes to save to along with allowing me to control the brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, ISO, Geo-taging, exposure metering mode, flicker adjustments, face detection, and to top it off a grid on the screen for composition.

Tech-talk aside, the connivence of having this little compact camera with me at all times has given my memory a backup system as to where some of the most random ideas come from throughout the day. It’s like having a huge database of locations for future shoots and concepts. And at the resolution available to me, I could make a print if it lends itself to be worthy. Here are a few things that have come-up, crossed my mind, or have been asked about.

Shooting notes:

– I have had a fun time learning how the depth-of-field on this camera can be worked with.
– The focus system – at times has taken up to 10 seconds to focus, granted this is usually in low-light situations.
– I have started shooting with certain “filters” and adjustments in mind, much like I do with a “real” camera. Visualization.
– The limitations on post-production within the phone I have actually come to enjoy. It brings a little bit of the “guess work” back from the film shooting days. Back then we would pick a film for it’s “look” or color representation. Now I have to pick the settings pre-exposure. Granted having the instant file within seconds shortens the learning curve compared to the hours of processing and waiting time.
– Have come to respect Creativity. It comes when it wants, and is only there long enough to forget. When it hits I have the ability to capture an image without hauling my Nikon around with me.
– Yes. There are many times that I have wished I did have my Nikon with me.

What Camera are you using?

– The camera that I have used entirely so far is the HTC EVO 4G. The editing and “filters” are done in various apps. The EVO slings a 8-megapixel camera with Auto Focus and 2x LED Flash.

How many pictures do you take in a day?

– It varies. Some days I see multiple things or am in more new places. Those are good days in a sense that I am seeing well. There are days that I have to make time to see. I have really enjoying setting aside time to purposely be creative.

What inspires you to continue to create images on a daily basis?

– All my life I have been a visual person. I asked a lot of questions if I didn’t understand what I was seeing. There is a lot of learning that goes on when watching or actively seeing. I see things, I capture them. My tool of seeing is my camera, it allows me to share with you what I see. When I think about it, it’s already something that I do on a daily basis so why not share it?

Do you post every picture that you take?

– No. There is a criteria that I hold myself to along with a personal level is visual satisfaction that has to be met. I feel that the camera apps bring a little of the guess work back to photography. It adds to the process and the development of the final photograph. The best thing being that I can see results instantly. If I don’t like it, it didn’t even cost a penny.


What do you do daily to feed your creativity?

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