Dailies: Breakdown #2

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Dailies: Breakdown #2

Today I’m sharing a shot that has actually surprised me with the way that the camera handled the exposure and the sharpness of the tops of the grass. It impresses me every time that I look at this shot. I was out for a mind-clearing drive through the country with the windows down and the sounds of The Black Keys coming through the speakers when I spotted this tall grass out of the corner of my eye as i checked for traffic at the only four-way-stop in miles. Gets me thinking that this shot might be a little bit of fate, if you believe in that stuff. Read more after the jump…

I ended up driving straight after the four-way stop for about a mile or two and contiuned to have this tall grass pictured in my head, I made an quick U-turn and found myself back at the four-way stop looking for a place to park the car out of the way of traffic so I could capture this shot that was pending. With the VW parked and off the road I headed into the tall weeds and grass, not knowing until my foot suck well past ankle deep, that the field was about six inches under water.

Wet feet and all I took about 12 shots, this one being the one that I liked the most. I forget what edit I selected for this, but I know that I had the contrast up and obviously some toning. Kind of reminds me of an ant’s point of view.

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