Dailies: Breakdown #1

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Dailies: Breakdown #1

Welcome to the first of a new series of blog posts entitled: “Dailies: Breakdown #”

This is a self assessment, critique, and discussion about a certain photograph from my Dailies collection of photographs. In no particular order I wish to simply share what I was thinking and seeing when I took the photo. How it works and doesn’t work as a picture, what I would change if I could shoot it again.

The Dailies series has been a very large amount of fun for me so far. There is a certain amount of satisfaction looking back at some of these pictures, other times there are bittersweet moments of life.


Read more about this photo and share your thoughts after the jump…..

This picture, taken in the middle of a team bus ride to an away baseball game, pretty much sums up how a coach might feel on a noisy bus ride. Or at least debate the use of the “emergency exit.”

Even with the EVO camera I am able to pull some close-focus and blur the background a bit, along with framing the shot with the bottom of the bus window. Composition plays a major role in ever photograph whether it be the rule of thirds, leading lines or a frame within a frame. The camera was set to over-expose by about 1/3 with a slight exposure vignette around the corners, (pretty neat that one can get that much control with “just a cell phone camera”).

What do you see? What does this photo do to you? Discuss. Narrate. Brainstorm. That’s what this is about.

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