Circle Crop?

Awhile ago on the PDN Photo of the Day they featured Photographer Deborah Luster. It got me to thinking, a circle crop.

What are you thoughts about this circle view-finder?

It brings a entirely new point of view to photography. It makes me think that I am in a submarine looking thought the porthole at the world around me. I am not negatively influenced, nor positively. I simply find it intriguing and engaging. So much so that I have gone thorough a lot of my images and cropped them circular.

Problem being that in our day-in-age, the circle crop is iconically ruined by the “sports button” that soccer-moms wear to proudly boast that their child is playing on the school sporting team. I played sports in high school, they are great for students that have the talents and can succeed in it, but it’s strange how my mind signifies the circle crop back to a sports button reference.

Perhaps this is where my infatuation with the fish-eye lens comes from? What ever the effect, it surly draws all the attention to the center of the photograph. But wow, it also does soo much more, I just cannot put my tongue on it. Let discuss this and figure out what it is about this circle crop that is so addicting!



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