I have hundreds of photographers bookmarked in my browser, and the list keep growing and growing. This post is the first a many more to come in which I share a few links out of my bookmark vault. The three below, Steve Grubman, Tom Maday and Sean Williams, just so happen to all be located in the Chicago area. These are not in any particular order and are here for your resource. I take time to look at their sites to see what they have been up to, and  watch their work change direction and continue to grow. Basically  I’m taking the work in and making mental notes of things. Creativity at it’s best. Also, when I see something that I really like, I deconstruct the photo. I look at where the light is coming from, how the photographer made the photo. I pick the photo apart and use many of these photographers work as a little mini-course in advanced lighting. (click on the screenshot of each photographer’s site to get to their website)

Steve Grubman is a commercial photographer that specializes in animal, automotive and product photographer for national and international clients.

Steve Grubman - Commercial Photographer

Tom Maday shoots commercial and editorial pictures. Since opening his studio in 1986, his award-winning work has appeared just about “everywhere.”

Tom Maday - Commercial Photographer

Sean Williams creates that are imaginatively stylized scenes into worlds we seem to have just stumbled upon–worlds we recognize from fairy-tales and mythology. His work is something to see and take in, as it really gets you thinking. Really great stuff here.

Sean Williams - Commercial Photographer

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