A Visit to The Boys and Girls Club of Green Bay

Photography to me holds a significant power to help others. This time, The Boys and Girls Club of Green Bay. These are the start of a new little project that I will be working on with a friend at the club. The thought behind this is to show that The Boys and Girls Club is not just a place where kids hang out, it’s a place that helps school age youth make better choices and reach their full potential in a safe and accepting environment. It teaches all young people, regardless of background or circumstances to be equipped to respect others and make our community a better place to live.

Did you know that they are currently serving over 8,300 children in the Green Bay community!

It’s not only a place to just hang out, it’s a place to build friendships, a place to learn technology, explore different mediums of art, learn how to play an instrument, develop self-discipline and leadership sills, gain the trust of others and develop lasting lifelong skills.

Boys Basketball team at The Boys and Girls Club of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

I had that opportunity to make a few pictures of Kareem in the weight room. Pretty big and intimidating guy. It’s not always easy asking a guy of his stature if I can take a few pictures of him. Kareem gave me the OK and away we went.

Did some really tough photos of him lifting and expressionless, but at the end we all had really good time and I managed to capture a shot that shows Kareem’s real personality.

More to come….MW

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