A Solo Exhibition at St. Norbert College [recap w/ photos]

After a period of “downage” I have my blog and web site back up and running to it’s fullest. There have been a series of changes and events for me personally, mostly for the positive, that will give me lost of content to fill upcoming posts. But for now, I want to share this one big event that happened this past October 28th – November 23rd. I was asked to have a my work in a solo-exhibit at St. Norbert College’s Baer Gallery. How it all came together is quite a story, feel free to ask Donald Taylor, Fr. James Neilson, Brian Pirman or William Bohne; moral of the story – Be prepared when opportunity presents itself.

The exhibit consisted of selected 40″ x 60″ prints of photographs from personal work I have done from 2007 through 2010 with varying subject matter. There was an awesome atmosphere during the reception that carried over to emails and phone calls during the duration of the exhibit. A giant THANK YOU to everyone that took time to swing into the gallery and check out my work!

Mike Wiesman Photography Solo Exhibition at St. Norbert College Baer Gallery 2010

I’ll share what a SNC Times thought about the exhibition;

Photographs by Michael Wiesman ’06 by: Leslie Shapy – SNC Times (Source)

Michael Wiesman ’06 is currently showing his photography in the Bush Art Center – an exhibit that should not be missed. His clear, unique pictures capture the essence of various settings and subjects that he encounters. His exhibit will be on display in the Baer Gallery until Nov. 23, so that gives students plenty of time to experience Wiesman’s photography.

The first photograph that I viewed in the exhibit was called “Series: Uniquely Complicated” which is the perfect description for such a picture. The white backdrop behind a simple glass of clear liquid enhances the vividness of the red dye flowering out into a cloud in the glass.

My favorite photograph was “Pleasant Valley Orchard,” but don’t let the title fool you. The picture is anything but “pleasant.” The photo was unsettling, and featured an abandoned house in a gray, black and white setting. Wiesman’s wonderful contrast complimented the tone of the picture. The clouds forming above the abandoned house show a possible oncoming storm over a barren land. The eeriness of the barren trees and the decrepit building with such a worn sign (stating the name of the orchard) made the title as fascinating as the picture itself.

Another riveting piece was named “Urban Color – Las Vegas,” which showcased a cosmopolitan scene full of bright colors and the geometric shapes that we find in architectural masterpieces. The photograph shows modern buildings with a skyscraper and a simple geometric staircase on the side of one building. The color contrast and the bright, vivid geometry of the picture made it intriguing to view.

The last photo I viewed was called “Self Portrait” which showed the depth that can be found in simplicity. In the black and white picture, the subject wears headphones with a serious and contemplating face. The vividness and clarity of the picture puts an emphasis on the eyes of the individual and the depth that could be found there. I loved how this simple close-up could say so much without any form of words.

Wiesman’s photography exhibit was really enjoyable and I spent a long time viewing each picture because of the depth behind each subject. The clarity and the color schemes of each photograph complement each other, while adding another story to his collection. Each picture tells a story, and every single subject was “uniquely complicated.”

Mike Wiesman Photography Solo Exhibition at St. Norbert College Baer Gallery 2010

A really big THANKS goes to the SNC Art Department for all that they have done. Their impression on my life and artistic voice are forever imprinted with lasting values that drive the artist within.

Mike Wiesman Photography Solo Exhibition at St. Norbert College Baer Gallery 2010

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