A Renewed Point of View

I have had a bit of trouble making time to get out and shoot for myself lately. [Work] is demanding more and more of my time and creativity so when I get home, I need that recovery downtime. I have some really great ideas and projects that I’m planning, but I’m still working out the details and logistics before finalizing and creating. I hope that everything works out.

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I have really been into the panoramic stitching mode with my photography as of late. It started with a few cell-phone pictures that I stitched together to make a really nice river view at Voyager Park in De Pere, Wisconsin. The best camera is the one that you have with you.

Voyager Park - De Pere, WI © Michael Wiesman

Just sitting and taking-in the sunset one evening that was too good to let go unknown (mainly I wanted to show others why I make the time for sunsets), I had a Palm 755p at the time and snapped off left-to-right taking in consideration everything that I have read about making panoramic pictures. The result of the still alone wasn’t anything special, but after stitched together and a few minor cuvres and contrast adjustments I was really happy with the end result.

This was taken another day, same position, but a much better sky and I cropped this one. Again, shot with the Palm 755p. Stitched with PS CS4 and imported back into Aperture to make some final tweaks.

Voyager Park - De Pere, WI © Michael Wiesman

Just the other night on my way home from work I saw that the dusk sky had that awesome blue that it’s known for. With my De Pere project in mind I stopped to make the bridge look better than most.

Claude Allouez Bridge - De Pere, WI © Michael Wiesman

Claude Allouez Bridge - De Pere, WI © Michael Wiesman

Keep your mind active and do something out of the norm…

I’m in the works of outlining some photography workshops, one of them to include the stitching of panoramics with preparation and through ahead of time. Stay tuned for more info on that in the future!


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