A New Year

I have wanted to use this blog as a more creative output than I have been. I really enjoy the online community and would like to take more time to give-back and offer some of my own creative thoughts, links, topics, and random cool things that I find.

What do I want to get out of this? Well, I do like the idea of having all of my ramblings all in one place, along with the comments of others that build and sometime expand the original topic for one. Keeping all this organized is and always has been a challenge for me, so by doing it this way I believe that it will stay a bit more efficient.

I would also like to get into doing some How-To videos and or some seminars on photography, as well as getting back to to school to finish my masters. I have many ideas on how I would like to teach and offer up what I have learned behind the lens, but what I want to teach doesn’t mean that you are going to want to learn it. I have to do some more research as to what everyone would want to learn and be willing to give up a better half of a day to come learn, play and go home with some great images that they made. Any of your ideas are always welcome, post them in the comments area or shoot me an email.

Here’s the last image of 2009 for me.

Just for the heck of it I put on the longest possible combination of glass I have onto my Nikon, and shot for the moon. This is an old Vivitar 800mm f:8 lens stacked on a 2x-Tele on a Nikon D300. So with the DX 1.5x magnification this combination is equal to a 2400mm F:8  glass Coke bottle lens!

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