2013 Tough Mudder Oshkosh

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2013 Tough Mudder Oshkosh

On Sunday the 8th of September 2o13 I had the joy of attending my very first Tough Mudder Event to photograph my sister and her other teammates throughout the event. I knew there would be ample photo opportunities to get, but still wanted to shoot an overall “theme” of work from the event. Well, if you talked to Tough Mudder Participant, they will tell you real quick how tough this obstacle course really is. It truly is a test physical and mental strength. Intense. That the word that I tried to keep in the back of my mind as the one main objective I was, pun intended, “shooting for.”

After the initial download, there was just under 1,750 images. After a few edits I have narrowed it down to this set of images that pretty much sums up the event. It really give a lot of credit to everyone that participates in this event. Wow. Hope that you enjoy this little series of photos that’s a bit different than I usually shoot. Thanks for looking!


 001ToughMudder_MWP-9127 003ToughMudder_MWP-9371 002ToughMudder_MWP-9318 005ToughMudder_MWP-9436 007ToughMudder_MWP-9490 008ToughMudder_MWP-5028 009ToughMudder_MWP-5105 054ToughMudder_MWP-0008 010ToughMudder_MWP-9649 011ToughMudder_MWP-9669 012ToughMudder_MWP-9718 004ToughMudder_MWP-9408 006ToughMudder_MWP-9460 013ToughMudder_MWP-9750 014ToughMudder_MWP-9814 015ToughMudder_MWP-9817 016ToughMudder_MWP-9937 055ToughMudder_MWP-0026 053ToughMudder_MWP-9996 052ToughMudder_MWP-9953 051ToughMudder_MWP-9946 050ToughMudder_MWP-5248 048ToughMudder_MWP-5222 047ToughMudder_MWP-5217 046ToughMudder_MWP-9708 017ToughMudder_MWP-0023 049ToughMudder_MWP-5245 045ToughMudder_MWP-9691 056ToughMudder_MWP-0031 057ToughMudder_MWP-0309 044ToughMudder_MWP-5128 043ToughMudder_MWP-9601 042ToughMudder_MWP-9589 041ToughMudder_MWP-4973 040ToughMudder_MWP-9521 039ToughMudder_MWP-9503 038ToughMudder_MWP-4956 037ToughMudder_MWP-9450 036ToughMudder_MWP-4951 035ToughMudder_MWP-9403 034ToughMudder_MWP-9396 033ToughMudder_MWP-9212 032ToughMudder_MWP-9159 031ToughMudder_MWP-9137 030ToughMudder_MWP-5366 028ToughMudder_MWP-0304 027ToughMudder_MWP-0290 026ToughMudder_MWP-0256 025ToughMudder_MWP-0155 024ToughMudder_MWP-0140 023ToughMudder_MWP-0136 022ToughMudder_MWP-0134 021ToughMudder_MWP-0126 020ToughMudder_MWP-0124 019ToughMudder_MWP-5309 018ToughMudder_MWP-0057 029ToughMudder_MWP-0341

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