2013 Sheboygan Children’s Book Festival

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2013 Sheboygan Children’s Book Festival

Becoming involved with your community is not only something that I enjoy doing, but is also something that I encourage individuals and other small businesses to do themselves. Let me flash-back to some of my “younger” days, (After all, I do turn 30 years old in the coming weeks.) I had the fortunate opportunity to be part of a really active and community oriented Boy Scout Troop that was continuously providing service projects and hours back to the community. Doing service projects and getting involved at such a young age I believe has had a huge impact on how I turned out. I know, I’m still a little crazy, but can now play it off as, “well, I’m just a nerd at heart.” But I understood the need and I got to experience how some simple things that take only a few hours of your time can benefit someone or something with such a large impact.

A week after I had the trifecta of hurdles throw at me, I decided to relocate to my home town, Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Being “new” to Sheboygan again brought a brand new point of view of my old stopping grounds. It was a brand new market and I knew that there would be challenges of relocating a business as well as new opportunities. One thing was for sure, I needed  get involved. I needed to find an organization that I could help by using my passion, photography. Enter, the Sheboygan Children’s Book Festival. (SCBF)

As Wisconsin’s first children’s book festival, the Sheboygan Children’s Book Festival celebrates children’s literature and provides the opportunity for kids, teens, families and children’s book lovers of all ages to; meet outstanding children’s book authors and illustrators, explore the art of children’s book illustration, participate in workshops, discussions, and demonstrations, and be inspired as readers, writers, and artists.


The SCBF has honestly sparked a lot of creativity within myself. When you have that many creative folks gathering together you can almost see the ideas flowing – much like how one sees heat rays rising above the road on a hot summer day, you can see the same with ideas and creativity flowing above the heads of all attending the festival. Big thanks to the organizing committee, consisting of librarians, educators, arts administrators and others who believe in the transformative power of reading and the literary arts!

This year was the 4th year for the SCBF, and my 3rd year covering the event, it has been really exciting watching it grow year after year. Big things in the works for the future. Interested in learning more about the Sheboygan Children’s Book Festival? Visit them online at: www.sheboyganchildrensbookfestival.org



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