2013 Senior Picture Rep Garett – Sheboygan North High School

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2013 Senior Picture Rep Garett – Sheboygan North High School

Garett is another one of my 2013 Senior Reps from Sheboygan North High School. I got to know Garett form being his Legion Baseball assistant coach. Being a big baseball fan as equally as much as an older teammate, Aaron whom I photographed last year at about this time, Garett wanted to do something unique to him and baseball. Lucky for him, me being his coach and having keys to the local baseball park, we were able to get some really great pictures on his home field. Garett’s session turned out really great and had some of the best skys I have had to work with all summer so far.

Garett, like all my Reps, is passing out referral cards that will get you a little something extra for your session, make sure to ask Garett and the other reps about their session, look through their proof book and get a free $20 with the referral card!

Also, in case you missed the initial post with the current contest, find out more here.

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