2013 Senior Picture Rep Alli – Bay Port High School

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2013 Senior Picture Rep Alli – Bay Port High School

Within the next couple of days I will be posting a post for each of my 2013 senior reps. But, knowing me, the guy that never runs a sale has decided to hold a little bit of a contest for a FREE Deluxe Senior Session (a $550+ value). There are three separate ways to enter your name;

  1. “Like” Mike Wiesman Photography’s facebook page.
  2. Leave a comment on any of the 2013 senior rep blog posts (includes this one and/or any of the upcoming).
  3. Share a rep’s blog post via any social media outlet and send me a link. (I’ve made it really easy and supplied sharing icons at the bottom of this post)

Pretty simple wouldn’t you say? Winner will be announced Friday July 31st. Perfect timing for Fall sessions.

With all that said, let me introduce Alli, a 2013 Senior Picture Rep from Bay Port High School in Green Bay. After talking with Alli for the first time and hearing the list of things that she was involved in along with her great personality I didn’t have to think too long about my decision to bring her aboard as a 2013 Senior Rep. We shot at a few different locations including the Green Bay Botanical Garden, Pamperin Park and then went to a few weathered downtown Green Bay buildings. Thanks for a great shoot Allie! Here’s just a few the the images that we got.

Be sure to ask Alli all about her session and take a look at her proof book to see the rest of her images from her session. Alli is also toting official 2013 Senior Rep Referral cards that will get you a free $20 credit towards your print order! Don’t miss out!

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